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Futuro e portualità: be smart, go digital 
*Italian language
27 Oct | 2.30 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.

The Smart Port challenge will take the industry to the next level of growth, building a resilient maritime community. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought up the fragilities of our system to the surface but has also made clear the need to accelerate the process of digitization and integration in the supply chain. The conference will bring together executives, consultants, and experts from the maritime industry and port authorities, to discuss the latest technology to digitalize port operations and the most up to date smart projects and technologies in the field. Not all that glitters is gold: ports looking to get smarter need also to face the threats connected with the cyber risks and cybersecurity.

The purpose is to provide a 360º panoramic view of the state and key developments of the port industry


  • Davide Magnolia, Partner LCA Studio Legale

Pre-Clearing, Smart Terminal e Fast Corridor: primi passi verso lo Smart Port


  • Federica Montaresi, Head of Special Projects, Innovation  and Institutional Relations
    Easter Ligurian Sea Port Authority System

Le nuove opPORTunità (digitali) dell’era post-covid 


I rischi derivanti dalle nuove opPORTunità digitali nei sistemi
portuali: attacchi cyber e cosa fare ai sensi del GDPR

  • Gianluca  De Cristofaro, Partner LCA Studio Legale

  • Alessandro Ferrari, Direttore Assiterminal

Interoperabilità nei sistemi portuali

  • Alessandro Laghezza, CEO Laghezza SpA

Il modello Spezia: dal CUS di Santo Stefano di Magra al progetto Fast truck Fast gate.